Ciclo de conferencias «Demography Today»: "The Unusual Path of Sardinian Fertility Transition"

Lun, 03-06-2019; 02:00

Por Stanislao Mazzoni (Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow – IF, IEGD-CSIC)

Lugar: Sala Manuel de Terán 3F

Ciclo de conferencias "Demography Today 2018/2019"

Organiza: Diego Ramiro Fariñas (IEGD-CSIC)

Resumen: Findings from the Princeton Project show that fertility decline in Italy, as in other European countries, followed its own specific path. Despite initially low levels compared to other Southern regions, fertility levels in Sardinia went on to become the highest in Italy during the 1950s. While the national average was around 2.3 and that of the south was 3.2, the TFR of Sardinia was approaching 4 children per woman. In contrast, Sardinia presently has the lowest fertility levels of all the Italian regions. Here I will explore this peculiar path, using both aggregate and individual data.