Maira Vidal

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Networks of Power in Medieval Societies
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Architect and PhD (international mention) by the Technical University of Madrid. She works at the Institute of History of the Centre for Human and Social Sciences (CCHS) in the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) as principal investigator in the National Research Challenge Grant project «Construction innovations in the Middle Ages: origins, development and transmission of new technologies in Western Europe (11th-13th centuries) », funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. Previously she has worked as postdoctoral researcher in the European Research Council project «Petrifying Wealth. The Southern European Shift to Collective Investment in Masonry as Identity, c.1050-1300», ERC-2015-Advanced Grant (2017-2021). Her task focused on the study of construction costs and technology used between XI and XIII centuries through an original methodology she has developed. This new methodology has been published in the book “El coste de la construcción medieval. Materiales, recursos y sistemas constructivos para la petrificación del paisaje entre los siglos XI y XIII.”, of which she is editor. This publication is an important scientific advance in this matter.

She is specialised in restoration of architectural heritage and her research field is medieval construction history. Her doctoral thesis work studies the construction of medieval vaults and covers a wide geographic area in Europe, with 61 detailed study cases analysed from a total of 119 cases. She was a visiting researcher at the Technical University of Bari, Italy, where she participated at the Morofologia Strutturale research group. She is well versed in the use and application of topographic and photogrammetric survey tools which enable her to a new system analyses to study medieval vaults that was published in a renowned scientific international journal (included in the quartile Q1 SJR). Her scientific output includes significant publications, mostly as the sole author, in indexed scientific international journals (included in the highest quartiles in SCOPUS and WoS) as well as papers at international congresses and book chapters. She is coauthor of two scientific books. She combines her research studies with her professional work since 2010. She is founding partner of her studio of architecture, called Enjarje Arquitectura ( Her professional work allows her to increase her knowledge as she can confirm her hypothesis and theoretical conclusions with practical experience. She has supervised or co-supervised twenty-two restoration projects and works, coordinating different multidisciplinary groups.