Science, Technology and Society (CTS)

Researcher in charge: Mario Toboso Martín



Priority lines

  • Visual and material cultures of science, technology and gender.
  • Art, Science, Technology and Gender.
  • scientific culture.
  • Studies on functional diversity from material culture, techniques and discourses about the body.


The Science, Technology and Society Group (STS) has long experience in historical, social and cultural studies of science and technology, their social implications and their explicit and implicit values.

The main issues addressed in this research group are: the history and epistemologies of science and technology; studies of science, technology and gender and disability studies; and the social dynamics of knowledge production.

The STS research group of the Instituto de Filosofía is fully focused in studies of science, technology and medicine. It pays special attention to the structures of knowledge production, expert and lay communities and their history, their practices, dynamics and values, including those of energy and the life sciences. It also deals with knowledge transfer’s processes including patents and its dynamics. The research perspective is interdisciplinar, and includes gender and diversities, and visual cultures in its approaches to philosophy, history and social.


Instituto de Filosofía (IFS)

Dept. of Science, Technology and Society