Department of Literature

Head of Dept: Pilar Nieva de la Paz

The research groups that make up the Department work to respond to the current challenges of research on the Hispanic cultural, literary and publishing heritage. His research revolves around cultural studies; the structure, functions and history of the cultural industry: processes of creation and distribution, historical evolution, and relations with affected social and political institutions. They face the study of the universe of signs in Literature, Theater and other artistic forms such as Cinema and Video, and inquire about intermediality relationships. They also deal with the study of the relationship between theater and power in America from the perspective of cultural history.

They pay special attention to the critical edition of classic and contemporary texts, as well as authorial and editorial studies, and apply interdisciplinary methodologies that bet on transversal analytical approaches from studies on diversity, Gender Studies, Transnationality, Migrations, etc.

Research Groups


Instituto de Lengua, Literatura y Antropología (ILLA)