Scientific seminars research group "Análisis Geográfico Multiescalar del Cambio Global (IEGD-CSIC)”

seminarios_grupo_agmcc_6.jpgEnrique Fuentes Quintana 3F Room

Estimation of biophysical variables of vegetation using a field and simulated database + research experience at ANU (Australia). José Ramón Melendo. (Pre-doc researcher. SpecLab-CSIC)

Adapting the Two-Source energy balance model for the estimation of water and energy fluxes in a seasonally changing and spatially complex Tree-Grass ecosystem + research experience at MPI (Germany). Vicente Burchard Levine. (Pre-doc researcher. SpecLab-CSIC).

Radiometric calibration of multispectral cameras on board UAV systems using field spectro-radiometers and handcrafted low-cost calibration panels. M. Pilar Martín. (Senior scientist. SpecLab-CSIC)

Organized by: Multiscale Geographic Analysis of Climate Change Group (IEGD-CSIC)

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