Conference "Religious Alterity and Political Power in Medieval Polities"

Saint Louis University Madrid, Avda. del Valle 34 (Madrid)
This symposium examines the phenomenon of powerful religious outsiders in comparative perspective during the long medieval era, from Constantine to the advent of secular modernity. We hope to augment our understanding of the political dynamics and social settings that permitted such outsiders to be variously elevated, marginalized, empowered, envied, trusted, despised, revered, cashiered, de-nounced, petitioned, and excluded.
Friday 10 April: Maribel Fierro (ILC, CCHS-CSIC) “Doctors with borders: the confessionalization of medicine in the Medieval Islamic West ”
Saturday 11 April: (Moderator: Maribel Fierro) Giuseppe Mandalà (ILC, CCHS-CSIC) “¿Libros en árabe para reyes cristianos? Reflexiones sobre la anomalía siciliana”
Organization: Univ. Saint Louis Madrid
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