Luis Miguel Miller Moya

Email: lmmiller [at]
Phone: (+34) 916022366
Extensión Interna: 441448
Office: 3D23
Científico Titular de OPIS
Instituto de Políticas y Bienes Públicos
Departamento de Economía y Política
Group: Ciudadanos e Instituciones (CIP)

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Scientific Output

I am a tenured scientist at the Institute of Public Goods and Policies, Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Before joining IPP-CSIC, I was an associate professor at the School of Economics and Business of the University of the Basque Country. Previously, I held postdoctoral researcher positions at the Nuffield Centre for Experimental Social Sciences (University of Oxford) and the Max Planck Institute of Economics. I am an expert in social science experimental methodology and I have taught before or I am scheduled to teach courses on experimental research methods in the social sciences at the University of Oxford, UAB in Barcelona, ETH Zurich, University of the Basque Country, Carlos III University of Madrid, UAM in Madrid, and Burgundy Business School in Dijon. I have also held visiting research positions at the Ostrom Workshop (Indiana University) and the Department of Economics of Monash University in Melbourne.

My main research line is the theoretical and experimental study of norms of equity and distributive justice. For the last 10 years, I have been working on the effect of socioeconomic status on the acknowledgement of earned entitlement. Besides equity and distributive justice, I have also done work on bilateral and multilateral bargaining and on the effect of ethnic identity on interpersonal trust.

These are my last five publications:

2020: "The effect of education, income inequality and merit on inequality acceptance" (with Abigail Barr), Journal of Economic Psychology.

2019: "Commitment to political ideology is a luxury only students can afford: A distributive justice experiment" (con Simona Demel, Abigail Barr y Paloma Ubeda), Journal of Experimental Political Science, 33-42, 2019.

2018: “The unintended consequences of political mobilization on trust: the case of the secessionist process in Catalonia” (con Henar Criado, Fracisco Herreros and Paloma Ubeda), Journal of Conflict Resolution, 62 (2), 231-253.

2018: “The Tie That Divides: Cross-National Evidence of the Primacy of Partyism” (con Sean Westwood, Shanto Iyengar, Stefaan Walgrave, Rafael Leonisio and Oliver Strijbis), European Journal of Political Research, 57 (2), 333-354.

2018: “Legislative bargaining with heterogeneous disagreement values: Theory and experiments” (con Maria Montero and Christoph Vanberg), Games and Economic Behavior, 107, 60-92.

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