The line is defined from an area, America, paying special attention to Latin America. The action axis is the study of the articulation of three themes: culture, population and policy. Applying a multidisciplinary approach from a current as well as a historic perspective, covering the following areas: • Citizenship, governability and institutions. Social cohesion and political representation, party systems, state capacities and strategies of the political agents. • Population and policy. Migrations, population changes, social movements, social control and structure, violence, justice. • Culture and political imaginaries. Political culture, perception and definition of populations (own and others), images and imaginaries, scientific and technological culture related to these matters. These research areas are fostered through a double approach. On the one hand, a relational, compared intra and intercontinental vision that focuses on today; and on the other hand, a historic perspective to determine the existence of constant and changing aspects in long-lasting processes, underlining concepts and prejudices that play a key role in current societies.

Centro / Institutos: 
Institute of History (IH)
Institute of Public Goods and Policies (IPP)